Awards & Tournament Selection

Updated Friday February 26, 2016 by Joseph Campbell.

Awards and Tournament Selection

MVP and Sportsmanship Awards: 

The MVP award will be given to a player from the Major's baseball division and a player from the Major's softball division who is the most indispensable throughout the season. This award is for on the field performance and is voted by the Major's managers. Each manager will vote for a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place MVP. These votes are tallied on a points system to select the MVP. The player with the most votes will be honored with an MVP award on the night of closing ceremonies.

The Sportsmanship award sponsored by Ben Eckroth Construction will be given to a graduating player from the baseball Major's division who best exemplifies good sportsmanship. He should display this with teammates, other competitors, coaches, managers, and umpires. This award will be voted on by the umpires. This player will be honored with the sportsmanship award on the night of closing ceremonies.

Tournament Selection process:

Pottstown Little League is part of District 27 within the Little League organization. After the season, District 27 hosts several tournaments. Included is an International team, which consists of 11 and 12 year-olds. This is the division that could go on to the Little League World Series if they would win districts, sectionals, states, and regionals. District 27 also hosts a 10/11 tournament, a 9/10 tournament, a 9 year old tournament, John Klein Invitational for 11/12 year olds, an International team Consolation tournament, and all divisions of Girls Softball.  Typically, Pottstown will enter one team in each of these tournaments, but this is dependent upon the number of players at each age level.

The Pottstown Little League President is responsible for selecting managers for each of the four tournament teams. Each of these managers will select the assistant coaches they want for their staff. The managers at the Major's division will vote for the players they think deserve to be on the International team. Once this team has been announced, the manager of the 10/11 team selects the team for this respective tournament. Then the 9/10 manager selects his team and the manager of the 9s selects his team. All of these managers and teams are announced during closing ceremonies (held annually immediately after closing ceremonies).

For more information on tournament play, visit the Pa. District 27 web site tournament page.

nament Selection